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Site Maps

Click here for map of the full 2016 Race site, including the west and east sides of the Capitol, on Saturday, October 29!

Click here for a map of the 5K and 1 mile Race course, including parking locations. 


Parking Info

Busses will start running at 7:00 AM and will run in a continuous loop until their last pick-up from the pre-Race pick-up locations (Center Street between 6th and 7th and 4th & Locust) at 8:30 AM.  All passengers will be dropped off at E 7th & Locust.

Beginning at 9:45 AM, Shuttles will begin bringing passengers back to the two designated parking garages.

The post-Race shuttle pick-up location is E 13th & Grand.

Please note that there will be no shuttles available to return passengers to their cars between 8:30 AM and 9:45 AM and the final shuttles will depart the Capitol Grounds at 12:30 PM.

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