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Teams are the heart and soul of our Race! By starting a team, you can bring family, friends and coworkers together to celebrate a survivor in your life, honor the lives of lost loved ones, or simply support a great cause. In addition to receiving some friendly competition, when you start a team you’ll receive a team website, entry into team contests, and eligibility for top team rewards. 


Team Awards

The 2016 Susan G. Komen Iowa Affiliate Race for the Cure - Des Moines® is all about TEAMS! Our Race teams can change history—the history of breast cancer—by helping the Komen Iowa Affiliate Race for the Cure reach record-breaking levels of Race participation and fundraising. A Race for the Cure team is a group of 10 or more participants who join together for the Race season to have fun and raise funds to empower the breast cancer movement.

Team awards help drive the friendly competition that makes each year better than the last!  Awards for largest teams will be based on registered participants by Tuesday, October 25. 

Awards for highest fundraising teams are calculated from donations received by Wednesday, November 30, 2016.

  • Teams are encouraged to continue fundraising after the Race has concluded on October 29.  All team award winners for the 2016 Race for the Cure will be given their award after this time period has concluded, and they will be recognized on stage during the 2017 Race for the Cure!  So even once the Race is over, there is still time to fundraise and make an impact!


Below are the winners of our Team Awards for the 2015 Komen Iowa Race for the Cure - Des Moines!  Be sure to form your team now and become a part of this list for 2017!

The winners of the largest team in each of the following team categories are:

  • Largest Survivor Team - Pam's Posse (Team Captain: Pam Dixon; 143 registrants)
  • Largest Company Team (500+ Employees) - Mercy (Team Captain: Jennifer Peterson; 502 registrants)
  • Largest Company Team (Less than 500 Employees) - Tone's (Team Captain: Dianne Medici; 149 registrants)
  • Largest School Team - Colfax Mingo Cancer Crusaders (Team Captain: Larry Pace; 51 registrants)
  • Largest Friends and Family Team - TEAM WA (Team Captain: Tricia White; 103 registrants)

The winners of the largest FUNDRAISING teams in each of the following categories are:

  • 10-25 team members - Dirty Skirts (Team Captain: Sarah Moore; 10 registrants, $4,617 raised)
  • 26-50 team members - StandTogether (Team Captain: Renee Wright; 26 registrants, $5,738 raised)
  • 51-100 team members - Myers and More, All I Want for Christmas is a Cure (Team Captain: Nancie Dorrell; 51 registrants; $9,451 raised)
  • 101-300 team members - Pam's Posse (Team Captain: Pam Dixon; 143 registrants, $2,881 raised)
  • 300+ team members - Wells Fargo's ONE WELLS FARGO TEAM for the CURE (Team Captain: Rhonda Davis-Baldwin; 302 registrants, $3,620 raised)

Additional team awards given out on Race Day: 

If you are the Team Captain and did not receive your award on Race Day, please email info@komeniowa.org to make arrangements for pick-up.

Team Tailgating Contest

Want to have an area all your own on Race Day??. Teams will be rewarded with special benefits only available to those having reached our Team Tailgating Fundraising goals!!

Team Tailgating Requirements-

  • The top 5 fundraising team will each receive their own space on Race Day.
  • Top 5 teams will be determined at the end of the day on Tuesday, October 25th.
  • 20 individuals from each qualifying team will be able to participate (squeeze as many in as you can, but space in this area is limited!)

Team Tailgating Amenities-

  • Personal 10’x10’ tent provided for each team
  • Tables, water, and a sign with team name will all be provided
  • Breakfast will be provided for all members
  • Recognition on Komen website and Facebook page as “Team Tailgaters”!
  • Teams may come on Friday evening before the race and decorate their tent as they see fit

 How to Participate-

  • Be one of the top 5 fundraising teams by Tuesday, October 25th
  • Come Friday evening to Race Site to decorate your tent with anything you like
  • Assemble on Race Morning as a team with a space all to your own!

 Here is a complete list of Team Tailgating participants from 2015!

 Team Name                                                   Team Captain 
 Sharon's Angels                                              Lindsay Holt 
 Myers and More for a Cure                             Nancie Dorrell 
 Just What Dr. Robinson Ordered: A Cure       Aaron Robinson 
 One Wells Fargo Team for the Cure               Rhonda Baldwin
 Life's A Hooter                                                Tom Richards

Best Dressed Team

Show off your team spirit and compete in our Best Dressed Team Contest hosted by iHeart Radio!


To be eligible, teams must come and have their picture taken behind the Information Tent on Race Day!!

No Komen Logos
No Political Messages
No crude or offensive costumes/outfits
Team captain must leave contact and team information to be uploaded with photo


All team photos will be uploaded to the KISS 107.5 and iHeart Radio websites
Our winner will be chosen based on the number of votes received by Friday, November 11th!
The winning team captain will be notified immediately


The winning team will receive:

A trophy designating them as the 2016 Komen Iowa Race for the Cure Best Dressed Team
Recognition on our Facebook page and website as the winner
Their team photo being used in all promotions for the 2017 Komen Iowa Race for the Cure Best Dressed Team Contest

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