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2016 Komen Iowa Race for the Cure

Myers and more ... Cruising for a Cure

Welcome to our Race  for the Cure team page.

Myers and More...Cruising for a Cure.

Our story continues ....This year we are racing for a very special person.  Our mom/our grandma the anchor of our family.  In October of 2015 Mom Myers was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Another heart breaking blow to the family.  But she fights on and we fight on for her.  The very person who has been there for all of us through all of this.  So Mom/grandma this race is for you.

The story Behind Myers and More..... In 2007, we decided to Start a Race for the Cure Team to honor my aunt Kathy who was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2004, my aunt Nancie who was diagnosed in 2000, and my mom, Teri who was originally diagnosed in 1996. And so, Kathy's Krusaders was formed. That following year we ramped it up and changed our name to Myers and More....Boatin Floating for a cure and.. dressed up as if we were at the Ozarks. That next February, 2009, we lost Kathy to her battle with Cancer. The Race for the Cure then took on a whole new meaning for us. We have officially been Myers and More ever since. In 2009 we were Groovin for a Cure, and came dressed in our best 70's attire. In 2010 we were a League for a Cure and dressed as Super Heros, Complete with Chemo Sabe, the Fource for Awarness, and a Mammo Grammy. The next year in 2011, we were Dreaming of A Cure and came just like we left our beds (it was easy to stay warm this year). Then, last year 2012 we were All I want for Christmas is a cure and came in our Holiday best. We have a theme each year and are normally dressed for some crazy looks. But it is all in fun for a great cause.  This cause holds a special place in my heart and we will not stop until we have a cure or better treatments. We do not want to lose any more wifes, mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, nieces, or friends. Sooo..... If you are able please help us raise money to find a cure!  Thanks

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